Can a city boy build his dream homestead on a mountain, by himself and with no mortgage?

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we’re not in kansas anymore…

Happy 2011 All!

The new year brought with it a very unexpected job for me in New York City. I’m going to be here until mid February so my mountain and all its critters, vermin and predators will have to survive without me.

New York is my hometown and it is also the town I left behind….with good reason

there are magnificent spaces and absolute squalor, all within a few feet.

Legendary, grand spaces and just plain garbage…

really NY, an 8′ pile of garbage on Wall Street?

The iPhone 4 takes a mean picture, no?

there is even a Home Depot on West 23rd Street, complete with a skylight. Sadly, everything in it is 3 times more expensive than in LA!

yes Virginia, that’s a Home Depot.

They are housing me in a grand apartment in a magnificent neighborhood, complete with doorman, view, and 100 feet from the best cupcake shop in the world.

This is the urban part of UrbanRancher. It’s a part of me I left a long time ago




Still, I miss my mountain desperately.  I know that even with a covering of snow the local wildlife (and even that damn lion) will see to it that all remains well at the compound. The pipes are drained and the tiny cabin is sealed up tight, what could go wrong?

Stay warm everyone and “chin up” Ryo, it’ll all work out just fine!