Can a city boy build his dream homestead on a mountain, by himself and with no mortgage?

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is that wood in your cabin or are you just happy to see me?

A long holiday weekend = me spending 4 days working on the cabin in the sweltering sun! (and I wouldn’t have it any other way)

Day One: 90 degrees and sunny,  I spackle the drywall and drink plenty of fluids, do some fire dept mandated brush clearance, fix a leaky water line in the trailer, drink plenty of fluids.

Day Two: I do a second coat of spackle (my lame-o drywall technique demands it) and escape the sweltering cabin for a nearby lake, lunch on the shore, mmmmm! Head to the hardware store for primer and a paint roller kit.

Upon my return, a blue jay sits and watches me.  It’s unafraid. I must be loosing my edge or am I becoming one with the animals? I love all God’s creatures, we share the earth, we are brethren. Except the steer and the lobster, they are delicious.

The spackle is dry after lunch so I suit up with big hat, respirator mask, bandana, and goggles. With sandpaper in hand, I begin to sand and smooth out the joints. This is fun, I sweat and the spackle dust mixes with sweat on my exposed body, creating a covering of white goop. I am a live mummy in progress. Kinky and fun. I sweat and drink more water. Since the water lines in the trailer are fixed, I shower off the layer of white goop. I am clean, my walls are smooth. Like a baby’s bottom.

I prime the walls with a $9 can of Zinsser primer (big 4th of July sale at the hardware store). Works like a charm! My love interest arrives at dusk, I am not alone and can finally stop talking to the large pine tree.

After a visit I break out a can of Benjamin Moore’s Slate Blue (color #1648) and slap a coat of gorgeous on dem walls! The heat gets oppressive so we break for cocktails, cake and holiday ice cream. It’s great having a working freezer and a love interest!

Ooooooooh, looks sassy!

Day Three, July 4: Morning comes and I make us country breakfast…eggs & sausage on french bread with whipped butter, coffee in that strange aluminum pot, good to the last drop, mmmmmmm!  Before the heat becomes unbearable, I put a second coat of paint on the sheetrock. The generator stalls, it’s out of oil, no a/c in the trailer today.

I stop work early and we head over the mountain to a holiday BBQ with some new local friends. Pork roast on the grill, delicious!

Day Four: Love interest heads back to LA to work. I am sad. I am not listening to any more trash talk from that pine tree, though.

I’ve brought up a stash of wood flooring left over from a movie set. It’s in perfect condition and it’s more than enough to cover the floor. The foam underlayment pad rolls out, the pieces snap together, I am impressed. I thought installing laminate flooring would be a giant pain-in-the-biatch but it is remarkably simple and it looks GREAT!

Two hours later, the floor is down. I tack down some salvaged baseboard (also from a movie set), install a mini-blind on the side window and hang curtains on the window wall. I clean up, move the furniture back in and even though it only has an air mattress and some cheap-o Ikea furniture, a (tiny) house is now a home!

The ceiling is still plastic over insulation but I’m saving my pennies for some good clear pine t&g when I can afford it (should set me back about $250).

For now I am thrilled that the cabin is now livable, my new bedroom away from home. The trailer’s a/c is cranked up, the fridge is stocked with beer, the sun is setting and there is no sign of the mountain lion.

Alex, I’ll take D.I.Y. for $3,600…the question is “could I be any happier today?”