Can a city boy build his dream homestead on a mountain, by himself and with no mortgage?

May Cows and the Lazy Days of Almost-Summer

Well May certainly has slipped by quickly! It’s been a busy work season for me in LA so my mountain time has been reserved only for rest and play, not much cabin work going on. The cows have been out in force lately too, lots of cute baby ones running around. With so many roaming through my land,  I really don’t need a lawn mower, I just watch and let ’em graze. They’re all so cute, so friendly and so delicious!

I did manage to put up the stained siding on the power shed. I’m not wild about the color but re-staining will have to wait for another day, May has been all about R&R.

I also put a fresh coat of paint on the mini-deck. After a harsh winter it had started weathering…I just can’t have my friends sitting on peeling paint now can I?!

All in all it has been  a glorious spring and I’m looking forward to another spectacular summer. Heck, I may even get the solar panels and wind turbine installed!

Hope everyone is having a safe and glorious Memorial Day Weekend.  I also want to send a big shout out to all our military brethren and their families…thank you for your service!

Now go grill a big steak!


2 responses

  1. leilani

    Speaking of guilt-free carnivorism 😉 , I am one of those folks who followed a link over here who knows from where a few months ago, I liked the way you write & enjoyed your sense of humor & so I went back read your whole site from start to finish one night.

    But ya had me kinda scared there for a while. You’d been talking about the fact that mountain lions had been spotted up there on one of your last posts and then all of a sudden your blog stopped dead in its tracks. In fact, you’d already been missing for a couple of months at the time of my first visit here.

    I was so alarmed that I immediately put you on my feed reader to see if you’d somehow defied the odds & made it down the mountain alive.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see the local mountain lions passed on a nice big steaming platter of shredded Elroy & you’re still sitting pretty up on top of the ol’ food chain there!

    PS) Hard to believe those pics are from the same winter wonderland you’d snapped less than a month and half back. What is that blooming bush by your power house, Ceanothus?
    Do you not have any deer to decimate your shrubs or do the mountain lions (guilt-free bambivores, I understand) take care of that problem for ya?

    May 30, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    • Thanks for the shout-out Leilani, and now that you mention it, I suppose the mountain lions do keep all the deer away. It’s odd that I’ve never actually seen any Bambis on my land.

      My paying work is freelance, very demanding with really long work days. When I’m working the blog tends to get neglected. Plus now that the place is more “put together”, I have less to say other than decribing my absolute joy at laying around like a lazy cow and guzzling beer while watching the real lazy cows guzzle my grass!

      May 30, 2011 at 3:09 pm

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