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Long time, no see

Well it’s been quite a while since I last posted and that’s a good thing. Work has exploded and I’ve been booked solid since mid-July through Halloween! It’s been a real struggle this year with the TV and film industry leaving Hollywood but I’ve managed to work on a huge commercial campaign, a tv series and now a film. Regrettably I can’t get up to the mountain very much but I did run up there last Saturday for a few hours.

I bought the tongue and groove pine boards for the ceiling and wanted to get them up. I took all day Saturday afternoon to relax and stain all 26 boards, figuring I would let them dry overnight and install in the morning.

I used a natural pine/fir colored stain from Olympic since the lumber was not pretty enough for a simple clear-coat of polyurethane. It looked a bit orange to me but I had to get it done in a few hours so I’m hoping it will look fine when it’s all up.

In the morning, the boards were still a bit tacky to the touch but I proceeded to install them anyway. They are pretty hard to get in and up, at 10′ long there is a lot of room for slight warping and the tongue doesn’t always match the groove, LOL.

After putting up a few boards, I noticed that my fingers were leaving some nasty smudges on the tacky surfaces. It was tough to get them out without ruining the finish so I decided to stop and let them dry and cure a full 48 hours.

I had to get back to LA so I left the ceiling undone but I should be able to get up there this coming weekend and finish up. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

A side note, since it’s been so dang hot up there (in the upper 90’s this week), the insulation in the cabin has proven worthy! If I keep the drapes and the door closed in the morning, it will stay cool and comfortable inside for several hours without any air conditioning. At night when it cools down, the heat will stay inside all night. This should prove to be invaluable come the dead of winter with snow on the ground!

In the meantime, thanks for hanging with me over the past year.  It’s been a doozy but for now, it looks like things will turn out just fine!