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Little to report but more free lumber!

It’s been several weeks since I’ve updated y’all on my progress. Well, there ain’t much!

My paid work has dried up and money is very very tight. I’m sticking close to the city right now and looking for more work. The picture above is from last Christmas.

There was about a foot of snow up on the mountain 2 weeks ago when those big storms pushed through California but it’s melted by now. I’ve been scouring CraigsList looking for railroad ties and insulation. I need about 200 more running feet of R-15 and R-21 fiberglass to cover the interior (I have lots of R-13 left over from installing the window wall).

Since it’s going to be a wet winter/spring here in SoCal, I need about 8 railroad ties to build a small diversion wall to re-route any mud slides that may come down the driveway. When it rains, the water now washes down the driveway and misses the cabin but with the “el Nino” storms coming, I want to take the advice given to me in one of the earlier blog comments.

The cement block base of the future deck should keep any water and mud away from the door side of the building but I probably won’t get that deck built until after I finish the interior.

I DID manage to procure an enormous stack of 4′ long 2×6 and 2×8’s (and some 10′ 4×6’s)!   A good friend was tearing down a movie set and offered me the free lumber. I should have enough to completely finish the entire deck using the 4′ lengths as top decking. Since the base frame will be sitting up on concrete blocks I’m confident the untreated wood will work fine. I’ll simply use plenty of Olympic deck stain to seal the wood before I build it.

I bought a power inlet from Grainger that will allow me to plug the male end of an extension cord into the generator and the female end into the cabin! This will also keep the cabin UN-attached to any utilities and therefore, still legal in the eyes of the law!

I’d like to wish everyone reading this a VERY Merry Christmas and a successful and healthy New Year!

Thanks again for reading and for all your supportive comments!

peace out,