Can a city boy build his dream homestead on a mountain, by himself and with no mortgage?

Power to the people wit me new generator


I feel very powerful today…

This morning I bought a 5250 watt generator off a guy on Craig’s List for $300, about the same cost as a two-week rental from a tool rental yard. I’d been using my cordless Makita circular saw to do all my wood cutting but when them batteries run out, construction is over til I find a 120V outlet!

This new gene will easily power up my saws, compressor, heat or a/c in the trailer, chili pepper lights, disco music and even the well pump (when it’s installed). A Google search tells me I got a great deal on a strong and sturdy unit. It should run about 10-11 hours on a tank of gas (5 gals), long enough to keep that party started.

I also opened a spreadsheet to track my costs to date. All in so far including materials, lumber, the generator, framing book and my mocha lattes, I’ve spent $970. My estimate to get the place to lock-out condition is an additional $900. Slightly more than my original estimate of $1,800 but WAY below the $3,500 the local shed building place wanted to charge me for a less substantial version.

Soon as the next paycheck hits the mailbox, I’m outta here to put up the walls!

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